Is There a Queer Future? (After Louie Installation Project 2)


This installation originates from the short memoir, After Louie by my friend William Wilson who died  in 1999. It is part of a larger project that includes a feature film. The installation marks references historically and explores the shifts in behavior of a particular set of sexual codes germane to and in social context of the gay male world over the last four decades beginning in 1968.  Codes unravel.  They are followed, passed on and challenged. Codes exist in the mind, soul, heart and ultimately define a brotherhood. This installation draws from both my personal history and a communal past. It is a highly charged political work that pays homage to/my homosexual history, and challenges a communities homosexual future. 

The air was revitalizing, you could actually watch the dawn, pink or misty, roll in, there weren’t many people there by then, and you could have sex—not that there wasn’t any place in the Mineshaft or the piers themselves where you couldn’t have sex. I thought it was terribly romantic, actually.  — William Wilson,  from After Louie

“Our continued existence as gay men upon the face of this earth is at stake. Unless we fight for our lives, we shall die.” — Larry Kramer, 1983 1,112 and Counting, New York Native



Installation View 1

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