Saint Gael


Statement (with a predatory gleam in his eye)  
"Heaven’s mouth” — I thought, tearing his image from the magazine. The most beautiful mouth I had ever seen. 
Gael Garcia Bernal. I had my new subject.  Further retrieving images from numerous official and unofficial websites, I was moving from my original focus on his beauty to an encounter with my suppressed voyeuristic nature. A Predatory nature. Musical nature. Music, because I was doing a kind of “sampling” much like a DJ/record producer does when creating a work. Studying his (GGB) film Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN,  I started re-sequencing the images, removing bits here, adding bits there. For example, in one sequence Gael and his road buddy are being seduced by their girl companion of the road trip. By cropping her out of the movement and re-using the images I could bring my subjects Gael and his buddy closer to my fag world of and for me inseprable — sex, desire and politics. This project has led me to explore my nature and find perhaps a new willingness to turn the cameras on me and my culture, gay men.

Predator (noun): 
an animal that naturally preys on others : wolves are major predators of rodents. 
Figurative: a rapacious, exploitative person or group; her wealth made her vulnerable to predators. ORIGIN 1920s: from Latin predator ‘plunderer,’ from praedat- ‘seized as plunder,’ from the verb praedari. Predatory (adjective)
: relating to or denoting an animal or animals preying naturally on others : predatory birds.
 Figurative: seeking to exploit or oppress others: a life destroyed by predatory biographers and yellow journalists. ORIGIN Middle English (as a noun): from an Anglo-Norman French variant of Old French essample ‘example.’ Current senses of the verb date from the mid 18th cent.
Entrance to Installation

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