Audition/6:40 AM returns me to an on going theme of interest
explored in previous works, the artist as predator (the noun):
an animal that naturally preys on others.
Seduced by the sunrise outside my window at the
foot of the bed at approximately 6:40 AM, with at the same
time, IPhone in hand, I took pause on the most beautiful profile
picture I had ever seen.
I just need to say you are beautiful. I messaged him. And
sent my photo. We started a conversation that led back to
my purposely-provocative opening line. Further along in the
conversation, he asked, What made you say that? I responded,
“Want to get a coffee?”
He is an actor and on his way to an audition we met for a
coffee. We chatted for an hour and made plans to meet again.
I wondered if I had inadvertanly walked into an audition of
my own.
This new work is the result of that meeting and unaware to
him, or even me at that very moment, I had found the subject of
this new body of work. If as Jean-Luc Godard says “Cinema is
truth twenty-four frames per second”, I was about to become
this actor’s biggest fan, which thus gave me a narrative. A
mash up, a jump-cut, an assembly of photographs, drawings
and video that expose my compulsive desire to flirt with, and
objectify the subject. The final piece in the exhibit is a short
film, an audition, his audition and mine.
Audition 6:40 AM

© Copyright 2012 Vincent Willliam Gagliostro. All rights reserved.